WelgemoedSafe AGM

Date: 12 March 2019

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Welgemoed CID

Welgemoed to become a CID (City Improvement District / Special Rates Area)

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What is WelgemoedSafe all about?

WelgemoedSafe was established in 2011 and incorporated the existing Welgemoed Neighbourhood Watch service with an emphasis on proactive security management and the use of technology to manage and monitor crime within the suburb. Since 2014, Licence Plate Recognition cameras have been implemented at all entrances of Welgemoed with footage being monitored 24/7 by a dedicated team in our control room situated near the post office. The footage is used to assist three dedicated patrol vehicles which are contracted by Fidelity/ADT. These vehicles never leave the area and are manned by trained and certified individuals. This allows us to provide the fastest possible response times.


Crime needs to be managed

Crime in Welgemoed needs to be proactively controlled

Impacts you

The next criminal incident could be you.

Stand together

All Welgemoed residents need to stand together to make this work.

Increase property values

Providing a safer home and increased property values.

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Are you a new Welgemoed Resident?

Are you a new Welgemoed Resident? Or have you not contributed yet?

Thank you

A massive thank you must go out to all who contributed to make the Camera Project a reality!


Make your once off contribution of R2000, to facilitate capital fundraising for future security related projects!

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