About Us

In a nutshell – what is WelgemoedSafe all about?

WelgemoedSafe is a community initiative with the primary goal of implementing security measures in order to create a safer residential area for all to enjoy.

WelgemoedSafe was established in 2011 and incorporated the existing Welgemoed Neighbourhood Watch service with an emphasis on proactive security management and the use of technology to manage and monitor crime within the suburb. Since 2014, Licence Plate Recognition cameras have been implemented at all entrances of Welgemoed with footage being monitored 24/7 by a dedicated team in our control room situated near the post office. The footage is used to assist three dedicated patrol vehicles which are contracted by Fidelity/ADT. These vehicles never leave the area and are manned by trained and certified individuals. This allows us to provide the fastest possible response times.


Residents who subscribe to Fidelity/ADT automatically become WelgemoedSafe members.

WelgemoedSafe Value Proposition to members:

Welgemoed Safe members are provided with the following monthly services:

  • Armed Response (Standard Fidelity/ADT Armed Response)
  • Three dedicated WelgemoedSafe patrol vehicles for proactive/reactive assistance
  • LPR camera network, covering the entire suburb
  • 24/7 monitoring and assistance through the WelgemoedSafe Control Room

For further details on pricing please contact Fidelity/ADT on
086 01 00 911

How to be become a member:

Although residents who subscribe to ADT automatically become Welgemoed Safe members, ADT’s confidentiality standards prevent them divulging their members’ details. Kindly click the following link to complete the online form for Welgemoed Safe record purposes.

Alternatively, you can send us a mail at info@welgemoedsafe.co.za

Once-off R2000 WelgemoedSafe Contribution

We urge all Welgemoed residents to make a once-off R2000 contribution that will be used to provide the capital for future security related projects.


Thank you to all residents who have already contributed and therefore made the LPR camera project a reality.1

Make your financial contribution to the following account:
Bank: ABSA
Branch Code: 632005
Account number: 1032031974
Account name: WelgemoedSafe
Account type: Cheque

Your Name & Street Address should be used as the reference of the deposit made. Please email proof of payment to accounts@welgemoedsafe.co.za, provide your email address for future communication.

The target contribution per household is set at R2000, but if you prefer to rather make monthly contributions of either 4 payments of R500 or 8 payments of R250, you are more than welcome. Just let us know what you prefer and we will make necessary arrangements. Remember, all details of contributions are strictly confidential.

Your contribution is an investment in the safety of our suburb and your own peace of mind.

Think about it!

We are counting on your support to keep Welgemoed safe.