The Team

Introducing the WelgemoedSafe management team:



Chris van Rooyen


Actively involved in WNW since January 2016, Chris van Rooyen has served as a WNW Manco member as well as taking over as WNW Chair for the terms 2017/2018 and 2018/2019. Supported by an amazing WNW Manco team, Chris also serves as a Exco member for Bellville Community Policing Forum and holds the post of Chair for Subforum Sectors 1&4. He is passionate about community safety and security, and an active patroller in the Welgemoed community. During his tenure, the WNW scooped 3 SAPS Neighbourhood Watch Awards.

Chris has been chosen as Chairman for WelgemoedSafe, taking over the leadership role from Albert Hoenck, who served as Chairman tirelessly for a decade. Chris will still be a part of the NHW but as an active patroller and will work closely with WNW from a WelgemoedSafe perspective to ensure that cutting edge technology is continuously deployed across the greater Welgemoed to assist FADT, their patrol vehicles, WNW and the residents of Welgemoed to strive to a safer and more secure community.


Albert Hoenck


Originally from Namibia, I settled in Cape Town in the early eighties and eventually found my home in Welgemoed after getting married in 1990.

Ever since, as a family, we have always felt very comfortable here and have enjoyed the accelerated development of the suburb over the past 10 years.

We have been members of the WNW for the past 15 years and I have served on the committee since 2009.

Being tasked with the Chairman’s duties for the past decade was indeed a daunting task. However, it is a task that I was willing to do, because the safety and security of my family and my surrounding community is very important to me. I am very fortunate to be supported by a very dedicated and active committee and will continue to guide and support them in my role as Vice Chairman.

I believe very much in a participative and inclusive leadership style and in this manner will strive to do the best for our community.


Oloff Burger


Oloff returned to South Africa in 2016 after working in the United Kingdom for 10 years and immediately offered his services to the Welgemoed Neighbourhood Watch where he took over as Chairperson. “I wanted to make a significant difference in the community in which my family and I reside”. Crime in South Africa was a huge concern for Oloff and his family and deterred them from returning home sooner. Through his involvement with WelgemoedSafe, Oloff hopes to grow the organisation thereby making Welgemoed a safer neighbourhood for families

Oloff is a past pupil of Paarl Gymnasium, is married to Ronell and they have two children, Mikayla (7) and Vaugn (6). In addition to his night patrols and Security Manager duties, Oloff works full time in the transport industry.


Maryke Malherbe - Finance

Meera Parsotam-Brown - Special Projects

Loraine Maritz  - Community Affairs

Ronaldo Lorio - CID/SRA

Bobbi Pretorius - Admin Support

WelgemoedSafe Manco members are all concerned residents prepared to commit skills, time and energy free of charge despite having full time careers or businesses interests.  Our success is in your interest and dependent on your support.

Please check our vacancies or contact us if you want to get involved in our drive to make Welgemoed a safer place for all.