How is WelgemoedSafe managed?

WelgemoedSafe (WS) is managed by a management committee (MANCO) that is elected according to the WS constitution. The MANCO meets bi-monthly and each MANCO member is responsible for a portfolio. All MANCO members are Welgemoed residents and perform the role on a voluntary basis.

What security measures are in place through WelgemoedSafe

  • All entrances are monitored by LPR and Overhead cameras that are linked to a 24/7 Control room.
  • 3 x dedicated Welgemoed Safe patrol vehicles that service only the Welgemoed area (Fidelity/ADT as the current service provider).
  • Fidelity/ADT alarm notifications are received by the Control room and instant response of the patrol vehicles is overseen by the monitoring staff on duty.

How many cameras have been installed?

We have installed 15 camera points in total. Each point consists of a LPR camera (to read vehicle license plates), an overhead camera (for wider coverage) as well as all the technology required for communication, night vision, power etc.

Where have the cameras been installed?

At all the entrances to our patrol area. For entrances with multi-lane roads, more than one camera will be required. The boundaries of our patrol area can  be viewed under “Areas Covered“.

How exactly do the cameras work?

The LPR cameras take pictures of a passing vehicle’s license plate for interpretation by intelligence software, which can be set to recognise flagged data as well as recognise suspicious trends. Flagged vehicles will be immediately notified to the SAPS.

In addition, overhead cameras managed by a control room survey the scene, filming passing cars and pedestrians. Collectively the cameras provide real time monitoring of the area.

Is the control room linked to the patrol vehicles?

Definitely! The control room is an essential link between residents, the patrol vehicles, the various law enforcement agencies and other areas with camera monitoring systems. The information collected by the system will determine the reaction.

What is the cost implication per member?

Full Fidelity/ADT service member – this means that the client’s alarm monitoring & armed response are done by Fidelity/ADT, and the client is a member of WelgemoedSafe’s patrol service which includes the following services:

  • Armed Response  (Standard Fidelity/ADT Armed Response)
  • Three dedicated WelgemoedSafe patrol vehicles for proactive/reactive assistance
  • LPR camera network, covering the entire suburb
  • 24/7 monitoring and assistance through the WelgemoedSafe Control Room

For further details on pricing contact Fidelity/ADT on 086 01 00 911

Who do i contract with for alarm monitoring and armed response?

It is an agreement between the homeowner and Fidelity/ADT, contact Jackie Abrahams 083 645 5657, email: jabrahams@adt.co.za. Any arrangements regarding armed response officers access to your property is made with Fidelity/ADT.

Why is a R2000 contribution expected from all residents?

Although WelgemoedSafe has successfully implemented the LPR camera project, we urge all Welgemoed residents to make at least a once-off R2000 contribution that will be used to provide the capital for future security related projects and to provide support/maintenance to the cameras where required. Thank you to all residents who have already contributed and have therefore made the LPR camera project a reality.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Become involved!


Banking Details

Bank: ABSA

Account details: WelgemoedSafe 

Branch Code: 632005

Account number: 1032031974

Account Type: Cheque


Your Street Address & Surname should be used as the reference of the deposit made.


Please email proof of payment to accounts@welgemoedsafe.co.za