Camera Testing Results

Camera technical testing in Welgemoed


During 2011 the WelgemoedSafe team tested camera technology in Pandoer street in Welgemoed. This test phase was a great success and confirm our view of the value it would add to the current security layers within Welgemoed.

 1. The camera test strategy was as follows:


A: Test – 3 technical components:

        Camera footage

        LRP (License Plate Recognition) Software functionality 

        Intelligent reporting


B: Reviewed – 3 different LPR systems:

    Visec (with Axis camera)




C: Evaluation:

    Quality & accuracy

    Practical & proven solution – in use by other areas

    Level of support available

    Information provided by the system

    Cost & affordability


2. Recommendation:

Implement iTtrack LPR system with Axis LPR & overhead cameras due to the following factors:

iTtrack LPR is widely used 

iTtrack LPR has good local support

Axis cameras available & certified 

 Best pricing

 Intelligent reporting

 Suspect information sharing 

(City of Cape Town and other neighbourhood watches are also using iTtrack LPR)