Membership Benefits

What does WelgemoedSafe offer to members?

  • Armed Response  (Standard Fidelity/ADT Armed Response)
  • Three dedicated WelgemoedSafe patrol vehicles for proactive/reactive assistance
  • LPR camera network, covering the entire suburb
  • 24/7 monitoring and assistance through the WelgemoedSafe Control Room

The WelgemoedSafe Patrol Service

  • Reacts to my alarm
  • Escorts me to my front door, on request
  • Checks that my gates, doors and vehicles are locked when I am asleep or not at home
  • Visits my property more frequently while I am on holiday
  • Assists me with vehicle trouble and other special requests
  • Acts pro-actively against vagrants, suspicious persons and vehicles and in crime situations
  • Monitors security at schools, churches and businesses in our neighbourhood

Would you like to become a WelgemoedSafe member or do you want more information about becoming a member?

Please provide us with your details on the link below and we will contact you shortly, click the button below:

Alternatively please email us on