Proactive home security planning

We believe the following basic tips need to be considered when reviewing or planning your home security. Plan your security around the following tiers:

  1. Know your neighbours and look out for each other
  2. Be part of armed response and neighbourhood watch in your area
  3. Install beams / electrical fencing around the house
  4. Install outside lights ensuring visibility in the evenings
  5. Install a good alarm system, burglar bars, security doors, panic buttons
  6. Consider the following:
    • Small dogs inside the house
    • Make use of motion sensor outdoor lights
    • Do not share security information with your domestic workers, gardeners or contractors working at your home
    • Do security checks on your domestic workers/gardeners and assist on security checks for contractors. SAPS can assist
    • Share information of suspicious behavior/visitors in and around your area with WNW
    • Be part of your community security forum