WelgemoedSafe Membership

All Welgemoed community members automatically become a member of WelgemoedSafe, when they subscribe to the full Fidelity/ADT alarm monitoring and armed response service.


This means that the client’s alarm monitoring & armed response is done by Fidelity/ADT. Consequently, the client automatically qualifies for the extended services  dispensed by WelgemoedSafe. Additional services include cover by WelgemoedSafe’s dedicated  patrol service performed by three patrol vehicles that never leave the area. Once a  client’s alarm is triggered, the patrol vehicle is automatically notified via technology in the vehicle and dispatched directly to the  clients residence. Response time from logging the alarm, to arriving at the residence, should not be longer than 3-4 minutes. Furthermore, WelgemoedSafe members have direct access to  the support offered by an enthusiastic team of controllers, who man our own dedicated control room, located at the shopping center in the middle of Welgemoed. The control room is also where the monitors of our LPR and overhead camera network are housed. For more details refer to Membership Benefits.