Where WelgemoedSafe is today

As it stands, WelgemoedSafe offers an excellent two vehicle dedicated patrol service. Our vehicles never leave the suburb and can respond to any incident within a few minutes. As an added “layer of security”, we have just completed phase 1 of our Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) Camera Project. Our cameras can identify and flag suspicious vehicles, monitor our streets and allow us to begin preventing crime intelligently, and not just react to it. Finally, in order for the entire WelgemoedSafe system to work together, we have acquired a Control Room.  Our control room will be staffed 24/7 by trained individuals, and be managed by our Operations Manager. He will be responsible for the safety of our neighbourhood, by coordinating our camera monitoring and managing our THREE dedicated patrol vehicles. The Operations Manager will report to the WelgemoedSafe Management Committee.

The Control Room will have an initial setup cost for the equipment required to run a control room (e.g. communication infrastructure) as well as monthly costs for staffing, phone & computer line charges and camera maintenance. After considering various proposals from security companies, we came to the conclusion that ADT could offer us the best deal in terms of cost, resources and experience. Good news is that we have been able to negotiate an agreement with ADT, whereby they will fund the setup and the monthly charges of the control room, which means there will be no additional charge for the control room to residents! Your monthly subscription for your alarm monitoring and the WelgemoedSafe Patrol service will include the cost of the control room.